Where did we come from?

Apollo Selene is a band based out of Chicagoland / Northwest Indiana. We play a wide range of music, anything from the blues, to rock, to soul, as well as many of our own original Apollo Selene songs. Our band’s music is composed with a variety of instruments such as electric guitars, piano/keyboards, acoustic guitars, bass guitar, drums, and beautiful vocals with multitudes of range. At our shows, as well as on our website, we sell Apollo Selene apparel and merchandise which is made up of original and custom artwork designed by either one of the band members or artistic friends of the band. Apollo Selene formed in the beginning of 2020, but they have all known each other for many years prior, since they all went to high school together. The origins of the band name “Apollo Selene” are influenced by Ancient Greek Mythology. “Apollo” being the Greek god of the sun, music, poetry, art, healing and knowledge, and “Selene” being the Greek goddess of the moon. Apollo Selene plans to make music for years to come, to last generations beyond our own. We want to create something that will  stand the test of time, and what better way to do that than with music. It’s always been about the music, that’s what brought us all together. That’s what drives us to dig deeper, and to continue create music before our time here is done. Us people come n go, but the music never dies. 

(219) 484-5171